The iNua Story

iNua stands for “innovation in investment”.

A challenge in any sector of an economy can present an opportunity. With this in mind, we analysed certain opportunities in anticipation of the future turnaround in Ireland’s overall economic fortunes. In 2012, the initial signs of recovery were there. The Irish government implemented further strategies to drive that recovery and we identified high quality assets, incorrectly valued as a result of the downturn that became available on the market, as attractive investment prospects.

However, with traditional sources of funding from banks difficult to access and availability of other forms of growth capital, such as grants and other state aid a finite resource, knowing where and how to access capital became and remains a significant barrier to investment. iNua Partnership was created to overcome that barrier and connect capital with identified investment opportunities across a number of market sectors.

Who We Are and What We Do

Our organisation is represented by vastly experienced executives across the sectors in which we operate. Through its different businesses, iNua employees in excess of 500 people. We place great importance in how we run our businesses operationally and also in terms of corporate governance and independent investor representation. Accordingly in each of our businesses, we ensure that appropriate and qualified Non-Executive directors are engaged as part of the relevant Boards of Directors.

We represent millions of capital across several funds. Our strategy is focused on making value-oriented investments via private equity funds. To date, this focus has primarily been in Ireland. While attractive prospects still exist in Ireland, we are currently also researching the wider European market for investment opportunities.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We feel that we can invest in our environment and communities through responsible business practices. We believe in the shared value approach, where the success of both our business and the community in which we operate are connected. Particularly as a firm operating in the financial industry, this is part and parcel of our endeavor to build trust in society in a broader sense.

Our CSR strategy is lead by our executive management and is not just about giving money but also leveraging our capabilities and relationships in support of a cause. We help facilitate social initiatives that positively impact the community in which we operate, benefits of which far exceed those provided by once-off donations.

Our Vision & Values

The name ‘iNua’ is a blend of the term ‘innovation’ and the Gaelic word for ‘new’. We look to break the mould of traditional investment companies in harnessing a modern, multi-faceted strategy for the benefit of investors and each of our stakeholders.

Our values help establish relationships that build and sustain trust. We realise that these values are important characteristics for people when making large financial investments. They guide us on everything we do and are deeply-seated in our founding story, expressed by each of our brands and upheld by our leadership;