Eamon Ryan of iNua Speaking in Toronto

All Things Irish, Canadian And Economics

iNua were delighted to support An Evening with David McWilliams, hosted by Ireland Park Foundation, as 150 guests were entertained by an insightful two hour discussion in the O.I.S.E Auditorium, Toronto.

Eamon Ryan, iNua Corporate Advisor & Head of Strategy (pictured above), joined Mr McWilliams and Globe & Mail Editor,  David Walmsley to discuss all things Irish, Canadian and economics on the same night that Canada’s Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister following a late surge, toppling the Conservative Party that had been in power for the previous nine years.

  David Walmsley, Editor of Globe & Mail, Robert Kearns of Ireland Park Foundation with David McWIlliams, iNua

The group discussed Toronto as one of the largest and oldest Irish diasporas around the world (14%  of Canada’s population is either full or partial Irish descent).

An Evening With David McWilliams, Toronto, iNua

Trade between Canada and Ireland was also a part of the evening’s agenda, highlighting the fact that 500 Irish companies operate in Canada (25% of all Irish investment abroad is in Canada).

Eamon Ryan of iNua in conversation with David Walmsley, Editor of Globe & Mail and Economist David McWilliams

iNua are proud to be a part of the Irish Canadian story.

Canada is the north American friend of Ireland we sometimes overlook – Independent.ie

Photography by Joseph Fuda  


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